Reviews: In Three Days

"Read pre-publication. I loved it!"
 - T. Mignatti 

"WOW!! I could not put the book down. ... mystery and excitement ... I loved this book."
- H. Lieberman 

"Fantastic! Gripping tale of heroism, deception, and overwhelming odds. I loved it!"
- D. Quinn 

"Received the book on Tuesday, finished it by Thursday. It's a hellava read."
- T. Nugent 

" An exciting read and incredibly timely ... well-researched and interesting ... would be a great movie! "
- S. Gerber 

" Fantastic!"
- A. Moomjian 

" I can't put it down. Great book."
- C. Kremp 

" Compelling! Would be a great movie." 
- L. Yehuda 

" Enjoyed it!"
- G. Ruch 

" Great research ... read Chapter 6 three times."
- C. Harris 

" Couldn't put it down ... loved it!"
- S. Cadmus 

"The book was great ... it was thrilling." 
- J. Morris 

"Loved it ... a fabulous read ... can't wait for the last of the trilogy" 
- J. Boyers 

 "... very much enjoyed it .... Congratulations on a great book ...." 
- D. Manning