Forging a New America

How American Liberalism and Climate Change Landed Us in Siberia

IS THE AMERICAN DREAM STILL ALIVE? Young Americans and their Progressive Liberal educators have engaged a significant number of politicians and pundits into pushing their agenda towards America becoming a Socialist nation. After all, isn’t that the fairest for all?But follow the personal struggles and internal conflicts of a wide cast of characters in this compelling story of deciding our American future. Have some gone all the way to Siberia to restart the American Dream? Or stayed put? Maybe some win, and some lose. Will the left, the right, or the large American middle to have the last word, or is there an American founder who really had the right solution? This intriguing story can be a warning, and it can also be a solution as America is currently embroiled in political division, controversy, and social upheaval. Every American voter not of the few hard left or the few hard right will find this tale entertaining but more importantly essential in their Forging a New America.