A Truthful Myth ... In Three Days
by Roger Colley

Welcome to my website!
I'm Roger Colley, author of A Truthful Myth: The first in a trilogy, A Truthful Myth is a climate science novel of deep suspense set in a background of action and romance. And In Three Days, the second in the trilogy, an action/thriller of a 9/11 attack on America using the weapons of a nuclear electromagnetic pulse bomb and an airborne Ebola virus. The last in the trilogy, Sopris, follows the tale of a beautiful, young Afghan woman following the quest for resolving unending conflict without violence.

About the Author
A graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, I live near Philadelphia and now write nonfiction, fiction and screenplays. As a former leader of two highly-regarded public environmental companies employing world-class scientists and engineers, I am excited about bringing to readers an entertaining, enlightening and thought-provoking story concerning some of the most important issues of our time. 

About my first book, A Truthful Myth: A Novel

Global warming: Will you survive the global warming devastation many climate scientists say is coming? What should we do? Who and what should we believe?

The story: In the early twenty-first century, a former U.S.senator, who has become known as the Oracle, brings to the world's attention some incredible knowledge about man's alarming contribution to the troubling issue of global warming. He predicts a dire and catastrophic climate change that will occur much sooner than anyone thought.

The Oracle, in conjunction with renowned Princeton science professor Richard Compton, convinces the president of the United States that something drastic must be done to counteract the extreme weather that will devastate many areas of the United States. Under the firm direction of his powerful chief-of-staff [the villanous "Chief"], the president creates a Master Plan that calls for relocating 300 million people to a safe area. Strict sanctions will eliminate the burning of fossil fuels, and New America goes green.

Meanwhile, talented chemical engineers Michael Reynolds and Rose Haines discover new facts about the vagaries of climate change, learn more about the human natures of the American people, and wonder at the alarming turbulence in the outside world. The Master Plan may not be enough to save the American people.

Why You Will Want to Read this Book about Global Warming: By the year 2007, a strong consensus of the world's climate scientists predicted the world's temperatures would rise over the 21st century as a direct result of man's emissions of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that warms our atmosphere. Human-induced global warming they called it. Perhaps debatable, but let's assume the science was right at that time, but was it really "done"? Are climate models projecting the future really right? Can we rely upon them? Are we facing a gradual climate change to which we can adapt? An abrupt catastrophic change? No change? A cooling cycle? Should we trust, but verify? Truth or myth? Or ... A Truthful Myth?


                                                                        * * *

About my second book, In Three Days: a novel.

The fear of 9/11! This attack takes place on September 11, 2021. Two fanatics -- I call them disillusioned zealots -- plot for over ten years to think they can end the world's violence once and for all by destroying the powerful United States. They acquire and develop the resources to be able to explode a nuclear electromagnetic pulse bomb high over the central United States, knocking out our electrical grid and disrupting all atmospheric communications. At the same time, the scientists they recruited have successfully genetically-modified the deadly Ebola virus so that it can spread airborne instead of only by contact with bodily fluids. It has also been enhanced so that it can kill the infected within three days.

It is up to the brilliant Michael Reynolds to not only to find a solution to combatting the virus in time, but to also deter the assassins sent to the United States capital be sure the American power structure cannot retaliate in time or find an anti-viral in time.

The theme of the tale, beyond an exciting suspenseful read, is to prod the United States government to speed up the ability of America to properly defend against these threats. It is known by the United States military that the nation currently has little defense to thwart a powerful high altitude explosion of an electromagnetic pulse bomb. In addition, while work is in progress, at the present time there is no approved vaccine to fight the Ebola virus, a pathogen in which the human body has a difficult time in producing sufficient antibodies to fight and destroy it. At the present time, there are no approved anti-virals to effectively destroy the virus, but new vaccines are being developed.


                                                     * * * 

About the third book in the trilogy, Sopris: a novel

After the devastating 9/11/21 attack on America, superhero Michael Reynolds is fully occupied with finding ways to get sufficient supplies of food and water to desperate Americans as well getting electric power flowing again. This story is not an action/thriller, but in a short and somewhat repetitive way seeks to solve the eternal question as to why good and evil exist in this world. The story is meant to be inspirational, about Fila, the only surviving assassin sent to America to be sure our key persons do not survive.

Raised among the violent Taliban in Afghanistan, Fila searches for peace and finds it on that remote island off the coast of India.  However, there she is later brainwashed into believing that the United States is responsible for the world's violence. Reaching America as one of six assassins but escaping the 9/11 chaos, she journeys to the Rocky Mountains and begins her quest to understand why she could be both good and bad and how it might be possible for mankind to settle conflict without resorting to violent behavior.

Prayer and love as answers may need something more.  Something concrete.  Fila's journey to the top of beautiful Mt.Sopris may be revealing, may be in the right direction.