A Truthful Myth ... In Three Days
by Roger Colley
News & Events

[1] Formal announcement of the book's issue and creation of the new website and blog in PRNewswire release of September 7, 2010

[2] Publisher's press release to media, September 21, 2010

[3] Since publication, Author has spoken at book stores [example: Tecolote Book Shop in Montecito CA], book clubs [ex. Abington PA], Book Expo America in New York City, radio shows, such as Ventura CA, click brainstorminonline.com/roger-colley-explores-both-sides-of-global-warming/ 

[4] July 2011: Enjoyed 35 minutes live on The Talk of Las Vegas and 11 minutes on Lifestyle Talk Radio Network out of Boston

[5] Additional radio appearances followed, along with an interview on New York City cable television


Author Launches New Website Illuminating Global Warming Controversy



Record Hot Temperatures Broil and Hurricane Earl Brushes East Coast: Climate Change?

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Author Roger Colley announces the launch of his new thought-provoking website www.truthfulmyths.com. The site promotes dialogue on the issue of climate change through the release of the writer's new enlightening book, A Truthful Myth, a suspense/action/romance novel about an abrupt global warming.  At a time when many serious climate scientists on all sides of the issue are releasing publications about their research and thoughts about global warming -- and its possible impacts to a confused public -- and others in the media are promoting their personal views or even creating climate change science fiction thrillers, Colley has produced a story and a social media website which promotes the view that climate science is unsettled, "not done," and needs to be further opened, researched and improved.

The novel relates an unlikely but possible scenario: an oracle predicts gradual global warming suddenly turns abrupt, catastrophic, and the new president must find a way to save America. The ensuing story leads to an intriguing web of dramatic climate changes, new energy technologies, uncertain economics, and political upheaval. The young, romantically-linked engineers, Michael Reynolds and Rose Haines, must match wits with the president's villainous Chief-of-Staff in their attempts to favorably resolve the destiny of the nation.  Beyond their heroic efforts, the two protagonists open the door to a host of American values in jeopardy, even beyond climate change and global warming. Can America be saved? The book in hardcover, softcover, and e-book is available online at Amazon, iUniverse, Barnes & Noble, Borders, other book stores, and at the author's website.

ROGER COLLEY attended Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the Penn's Wharton School. He served as president of two public environmental companies known as the technical leaders in their respective fields. He also served as a trustee of the esteemed Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  He now writes non-fiction, fiction and screenplays in his lifelong quest to seek new knowledge and solid truths.







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Global Warming: the Science Ablaze!

  Timely new novel entertains while promoting thoughtful discussion of hot-button issues

Huntingdon Valley, Pa. The first half of 2010 has seen warmer global temperatures than any other year on record, and leading scientists are predicting that it will go down as the hottest in recorded history. Levels of carbon dioxide are higher today than at any time in recent history. The Arctic glaciers continue to melt at an alarming rate. Global warming is real, but how fast is it happening? How would America react if climate change suddenly turned abrupt and catastrophic? A Truthful Myth: A Novel (published by iUniverse), the new novel from Roger Colley, brings that grim scenario to life in a compelling blend of suspense, action and romance.


Spanning a 16-year period from 2005 — 2021, the wheels at the heart of A Truthful Myth are set in motion when the environmental implications of global warming — once believed to be gradual and combatable — begin to multiply at a rapid pace. This turn of events confirms the dire prediction from a mysterious oracle warning of these occurrences. Elevated temperatures dramatically raise sea levels, and global catastrophes include devastating hurricanes, tornadoes and droughts.


Under the leadership of a new President, the United States has one viable option: evacuation of its citizens to the safety of a green, "New America," to be situated east of the Rockies in the plains of Colorado. Plans are set in motion even as the President's chief of staff follows his own sinister agenda. When Michael Reynolds, a Southern California graduate student, invents the technology to desalinate water without the use of carbon fuels, he becomes a key player in an increasingly dangerous game. Life in New America becomes even more complicated for Michael when he falls in love with Rose, an engineer and atmospheric scientist enlisted in the Navy.  Romance spans both time and distance as the couple must separate truth from myth, balance freedom and order and survive amidst personal, political and economic turmoil. A Truthful Myth offers an epic, sweeping tale that will take readers on an emotional, thought-provoking journey.



About the Author

Roger Colley received his degree in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. An entrepreneurial business leader, he has served as president of two cutting-edge public environmental companies, worked alongside noted scientists and engineers and been involved in several start-up ventures. Additionally, Colley has served as a trustee for The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He and his wife reside in Huntingdon Valley, Pa., and have four children and five grandchildren. Colley enjoys writing fiction based on current affairs and hot-button issues with the goal of entertaining and enlightening readers and also spends time working on nonfiction essays and short stories. A Truthful Myth is his first novel. For more information on Colley and his book go to www.truthfulmyths.com


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